Christmas with a difference

Warren’s Pharmacy

What an eventful year this has been. The year started off like any other, full of promise and good cheer, especially for us in South Africa. Then as news started coming in from various parts of the world, we were suddenly in lockdown at level 5. This courageous yet necessary step was vindicated when the evidence pointed to the fact that we as South Africans have handled the pandemic better than most countries, and were largely a model of compliance and adherence to the protocols. We moved from level 5 to level 1, cognisant of the fact that the economy had to be resuscitated and very mindful of the human safety, security and health. We are now entering what is referred to as the second wave as experienced in USA and Europe and many parts of the so called First World.

We are not immune and while continuing to resuscitate our economy, must be mindful that we have to observe the cardinal elements of risk management, viz. masking up (save on make-up), hand sanitising (more alcohol on your hands than in your liver), social distancing (keep your friends far and your enemies further), revised greeting protocol (elbow greet), and limited social interaction (mother-in-law need not visit this year)! A key element in association with all of this is maintenance of health and wellness and enhancing of immunity.

Please come into Warren’s Pharmacy for your armentarium of supplements like multivitamins, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Selenium, Echinacea, probiotics, amongst others. Consult with our pharmacists about the appropriate products for yourself, discuss your medical conditions so that they can tailor your particular individual ‘cocktail’. And hydrate, hydrate, hydrate….with water!

Be on the lookout for the Warren’s Pharmacy 80th birthday daily prize winners, with the competition continuing to December 31 2020. We may not be able to celebrate with gusto, but would like to share our good fortune with our supporting public. So have your receipt endorsed and drop it into the lucky draw box and stand a chance of winning the daily fun prize. And do pick up your free copy of the Warren’s Pharmacy newsletter, which is packed with health and wellness tips, especially information to get you through the festive season.

This Christmas will be different for the Patel’s as well. For 24 years they have manned the fort on Christmas Day till 2pm.

However, this year both Jayati and Chetna will not be available to help as they have completed their tertiary and post graduate qualifications and have moved to other pastures. Jayati started off as a 4 year old and Chetna as our 1 year old assistant in 1996. They were not concerned about child and labour laws, as their Christmas gifts more than compensated for their efforts. So this year it will be Kirtikant and Nisha, ably assisted by pharmacist Sagar, at your service till 2pm on Christmas Day.

Have a spiritual and peaceful Christmas, and do contemplate your blessings of health and wellness.

Warren’s Pharmacy: 71 Main Road, Fish Hoek 021 782 1101 and Dispensary 021 782 1891.