Muizenberg Festival

The Muizenberg Festival is a two-week celebration of the greater Muizenberg area, showcasing its rich diversity of creative arts, natural environments, music and performances of all kinds.

The festival, which will run this year from Sunday October 1 to Sunday October 15, is an independent community-driven initiative, put together by the people, organisations and friends of Muizenberg.

You can support the Muizenberg Festival project, by purchasing early bird ticket deals on their crowdfunding campaign:

For the full programme see their new calendar:

This year the theme for Muizenberg Festival is “Celebrating Water.” The Festival will also introduce the second iteration of the Vrygrond Experience, a programme of Vrygrond-based events that mirrors the Muizenberg Festival model of celebration-driven development.

The first weekend of the festival will be based in the suburb of Vrygrond, where you can enjoy a full day of activities, including: Story of Vrygrond, Walk and Talk; Vrygrond Parade; and Kasi Cocktail Party.

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