Phoebe launches teen open mic event

Phoebe Koeires, 18, of Fish Hoek is a singer, songwriter and poet.

Poet, singer and songwriter Phoebe Koeries, 18, launched the inaugural teen open mic event at Angels Resource Centre in Fish Hoek.

The event, Colouring the Air, was held on Saturday with the full number of audience members allowed by Covid-19.

Phoebe is a Fish Hoek resident who grew up in Ocean View and matriculated from Fish Hoek High School in 2019.

She describes herself as passionate about the arts and drama and says the opportunity to perform in a cafe setting was a long held dream for her, which Covid restrictions had not allowed the year before.

Phoebe Koeries, 18, performs her set at Angels Resource Centre in Fish Hoek.

“I chatted to my dad about the opportunity and he encouraged me to do it, so I organised the first event which included a set, where I read my original poetry and performed my original song called Anymore.“

She says the show was a great success and she thanked everyone who supported her, as well as Angels Resource Centre director Lizelle Coombs for the use of the space

“As an artist, I write poetry and music and perform and act, and I want my audience to interpret all of my work they way see it,” she says.

“I believe God is sovereign and here for us and cares about us, and I write deep, difficult dark things, but also bring in that light and comfort. I use my songs to be cathartic in that way so I want people to be able to relate to my poetry and feel that there is light and hope at the end of the day.“

Phoebe is about to head to Rhodes University and says she will continue writing and exploring her world through words. She plans to release her song for streaming soon.

Ms Coombs says she wants local teens to continue using the venue on Saturday nights for talent shows and discussions.