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The Love Letter

Lucinda Riley

Pan Books

Review: Marsha Leitch

This page-turner will have you reading at every chance you get.

The international best-selling author, Lucinda Riley takes us on a thrilling ride filled with lies, secrets and many twists.

Joanna Haslam, an ambitious young journalist, covers the story of a famous British actor, James Harrison, who dies at 95.

He leaves behind a heart-broken family and a shocking secret.

Joanna stumbles on a dark path beneath all the glamour. She finds herself on a quest to find a letter which has been concealed for over 70 years.

As she peels back the veil of lies, she discovers that there are other forces also trying to get to the letter, which makes her task to find it even more challenging.

Along the way, she also finds love, learns who she is and makes new friends.

The story will leave you guessing what will happen next, and the ending has the biggest twist of all.

Riley is also the author of The Seven Sister Series, telling the story of adopted sisters based on the mythology of star constellations.

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