The Extraordinary Revelations of

Orca the Goldfish

Masque Theatre Players

With Julie Summers and James Skilton

Directed by Nigel Sweet

Masque Theatre until April 22

Bookings: 021 788 1898

Review: Lieske Bester

Crowned “the UK’s most popular comedy playwright” with 29 published works translated into many languages, David Tristram is especially known for his Inspector Drake plays. He has written on a wide variety of themes ever since he put pen to paper to help out an amateur dramatic society with a hastily produced script. Reportedly, every single night of the year, there are at least two of his plays staged somewhere in the world.

Director Nigel Sweet met the author and the original Orca cast on a trip to the UK and subsequently played the play’s role of Henry 11 years ago.

Tristram’s satirical view on society made his Unoriginal Sin a box office winner at the Masque Theatre some years ago, and this two-hander should be a run-away success too, as both performers are seasoned community theatre players and active in the professional arena: Julie Summers (Alice) is probably best remembered locally for her inimitable Mrs Milton of the Spud films and James Skilton (Henry) is making his mark in TV commercials featured around the world. Both actors deliver virtuoso performances – silently observed by their beloved goldfish Orca, the only spark in a relationship that over the years has gone truly and utterly stale.

Then, with a nod from Walter Mitty, we share in the individual and secret daydreams of the couple where the action is a lot more exciting than real life, but always ends in a disappointing cliff hanger. Until the Smiths make a startling discovery…

Enjoy this clever and complex play – pay attention to the quick-fire verbals as well as the hilarious goings-on.