Storie van my lewe

The one-woman music theatre production Storie van my Lewe, will be staged at the Jolly Carp, in Retreat, tomorrow Friday September 29, at 8pm. Starring performing artist, poet and writer, Janine van Rooy-Overmeyer, pictured, (also known as Blaq Pearl), Storie van my lewe follows the journey of four women from Cape Town through storytelling, poetry and music, while sharing their experiences, struggles and triumphs. Through Storie van my Lewe, Van Rooy-Overmeyer channels the stories of these four women who are very different from one another. Yet, what they have in common are their courage, strength and ability to rise above their circumstances. Written and created by Van Rooy-Overmeyer, in partnership with director Chenal Kock and production manager Shane Overmeyer, the showcase aims to “edutain” the audiences about the importance of each human being’s story, with the hope that one can reflect and respect each other’s journeys throughout life.