21 bird species spotted by one expert

Forty enthusiastic members of the Sun Valley Eco Watch (SVEW) met at the Sun Valley Primary parking lot on Saturday October 14.

KarenGray-Kilfoil said that they are indebted to Linda Hibbin, nature guide and bird expert, who led the twitchers first to Chebec Pond, where some water fowl were seen, then along the Brigantine River Trail.

The group encountered over 21 bird species, spotted by one expert in the group, and most saw a few species and learned something about them too.

It wasn’t all about feathersandflight though,plantsand insects also had their time in the limelight.

“It was a lovely way to spend a Saturday morning and ‘We must do this more often!’ was heard more than once,” Ms Gray-Kilfoil said. An amount of R887 was collected in donations to SVEW.

Thanks were given to Alan Rainnie for maintaining the signage and bridge and to Marianne Naef who helped take out four large bags of litter the day before the walk.

To learn more about what they do, visit: www.facebook.com/SunValleyEco