A blot on the high street

Dom Parker, Simon’s Town resident and business owner

I would like to follow up on your article on the Dawood building in Simon’s town, (“Simon’s Town
derelict building causes upset,” Echo November 22).

I see you have allowed a correction by the owner of the building in this week’s Echo, and I would like to respond.

The owners of the Dawood building have left it abandoned for years and have not maintained it in any way without law enforcement intervention to force them to secure it.

The owners have purposely let it be a blot on the high street with the aim of pushing through their application for a liquor store next door to the premises.

The idea being that the residents of Simon’s Town will eventually give in to their plans just because the building is so bad.

The liquor licence was denied for many valid reasons, and yet, on appeal, all those reasons were no longer considered.

Does Simon’s Town really need another liquor store? Of course not.

There are already two on the high street, one in Da Gama Park, one at the new mall in Glencairn and another at Glencairn Spar.

Is it appropriate to have a liquor store adjoining a place of worship (the mosque)?

The bottom line is that the owners of the building do not care at all about the town. They only care about the big fat cheque they will get from Spar for taking over the rental for them.

Thanks for all the vagrants they have brought into town and drug dealers that operate from their building.