A miracle trolley experience

Rod Baker, Fish Hoek

Many people might not believe me, but just the other day I witnessed a miracle – that’s right – a miracle. S’true! Promise. Scout’s honour.

I trotted off to Longbeach Mall a few days ago to do some shopping and went to a shop where I could take my pick and then pay for it, if you get my drift.

Well, I went to collect a trolley and … wow! … The one I pulled out didn’t have a mind of its own, no gammy rear caster as though it had been kicked by a demented horse, no shedding rubber wheel as though it had been pushed around aisles at 90km/h . No “thock, t hock, thock” you wrestled it along the aisles. No front swivelling casters that lock at whatever angle they decide, requiring savage yanks to get them to run approximately in the desired direction.

Just a well-mannered, polite trolley that didn’t have a mind of its own and just wanted to please me. And it did. So much. I almost wanted to take it home with me and treasure it.

Of course, I didn’t do that, but I did feel quite emotional.

Then I went back the next day for some more groceries, took a trolley, and … sobs… I simply knew it was a miracle the first time around.