A pothole solution

Rob Fisher, Sun Valley

Regarding your article on the pothole on Ou Kaapse Weg (“Pothole puts motorists in a traffic frenzy”, August 18).

This pothole is as old as the hills, so to speak. I have been watching it for years. It is wet all year round which is quite amazing.

I do underground water for a (part time) living, as an ex-engineer. Both for irrigation water and for drainage of excess wa-ter, sometimes the two go together and you get two for one for your money.

If a drainage pipe is laid under the road to the pothole and beyond, the open drain end of the pipe could be turned into a drinking pond for the wildlife (and stranded motorists).

No rocket science here to fix the problem. Just the traffic to contend with. Red flag wavers/ stop and go, etc.

I could do the job early one Sunday morning and be done before people go to church. I know the council prefers to work in the busy times when they can cause maximum chaos?

Don’t need the obli-gatory truck with 10 workers and a tea mach-ine, just a bakkie and two guys with picks. Done in two hours.