A tribute to Aqeel Davids

Mike Oldham, Izivunguvungu Youth Band

The Izivunguvungu Youth Band remembered their youngest music student, Aqeel Davids, during their performance in Simon’s Town on Herirtage Day.

Aqeel, who was killed in a shooting incident in Ocean View last month, was one of the Grade 4 pupils who had recently begun learning to play the trumpet as part of the music and sailing projects in the local schools.

There are several hundred pupils who have introductory lessons during their normal Grade 3 and 4 classes, and Aqeel was one of those who subsequently joined the afternoon band classes which are held in various schools in the local area, plus at the Orphan Foundation in Westlake.

* Commander Mike Oldham, formerly director of the SA Navy Band, has led this music project for 21 years and is familiar with the security issues which affect the students, although they have not previously lost one of their own in such tragic circumstances. However, this only serves to motivate Mr Oldham in his efforts to reach even more students in these areas which continue to be affected by poverty, poor facilities, etc. All assistance to the Izivunguvungu projects will be welcomed.

For more information contact Mr Oldham via email on denmike@iafrica.com or call him at 082 445 6857.