Adieu Jacqui

Wendy Manser, Lakeside

Writing from a group of friends, some who have known her for about 40 years, I only met Jacqui about 20 years ago and we would pop in and out of each other’s lives as people do.

Looking at photographs of her and Ian at my 50th some eight years ago, I can only feel happiness that they are together again.

Some of us went horseriding with her, worked with her, sang with her as she played the guitar or piano, cried with her or just had a wonderful, colourful, interesting woman sitting opposite us.

Yes, it’s been a few weeks so I’m sure by now Jacqui has settled down into doing the things she loved doing; horse-riding, being with Ian and other friends long gone, playing her music and just being Jacqui. And walking the dogs and cats.

I take this opportunity to thank Dr Waddington and Dr Stander of False Bay Hospital for assisting me personally with St Luke’s Hospice, and related issues.

My condolences to her family and friends and all the animals who received such love.

See you anon our friend. Too many friends to mention.