African Soul Surfer LogJam Beach Festival

Andrew Berry and his 4-year-old son, Reef Berry, playing with a dog on Muizenberg beach at the LogJam Beach Festival, on Saturday June 2.

For the fourth year in a row, the African Soul Surfer LogJam Beach Festival filled Muizenberg beachfront. The family friendly all-day event at Surfers Corner on Saturday June 2 celebrated surf culture at the beach where it all began. The first recorded ridden wave in South Africa was by Heather Price in 1919, at Muizenberg. And echoing the spirit of that defining moment for the equality of the sexes, there were no divisions in the festival’s surf event – young and old, guys and girls all surfed together. The day started at sunrise with yoga on the beach – no, that’s not a cocktail – and 36 surfers from around the country put on a classic longboarding display. The winner will go to Mexico to compete as a wild card in the MexiLogFest Then there was the Anything-But-3 public surf-off, a fun open entry to anybody with a single-fin surfboard. Waves for Change and Adaptive Surfing SA offered surf therapy for differently-abled people and a Bedouin-style tent was the hub for the day where people could meet and eat and check out the surf art exhibition and look at vintage boards. There was a skate jam with ramps, rails and fun boxes and volunteers cleaned up the beach. The day-time event ran into night-time festivities, the LogJol Afterparty, with artists such as Half Price, West Coast Wolves, Skeleton Coast and friends performing. This year’s event focused on the environment, and volunteers added the rubbish they collected to a sculpture by Chip Snaddon.