Alcohol at petrol stations? Have your say

The public has until Monday, November 8 to have their say on whether alcohol should be sold at petrol station convenience stores.

By Yolande Du Preez

The public has until Monday November 8 to comment on whether alcohol should be sold at petrol-station convenience stores.

Western Cape Liquor Authority (WCLA) spokeswoman Nwabisa Mpalala, said the WCLA had received several liquor-licence applications for selling alcohol at petrol-station convenience stores. Based on the nature of the proposed licences and the potential impact, she said, the Liquor Licensing Tribunal needed public input for consideration of the applications.

Donald Moore, who campaigned to keep Fish Hoek dry, said he was “deeply concerned” about this but was pleased to see that a public-participation process had been initiated.

The liquor trade, he said, seemed determined to ensure that there were as many liquor-related motor accidents as possible.

“Their motto of drink responsibly is such an obvious oxymoron that I am surprised that anyone has the gall to repeat it. Their total lack of responsibility is obvious by this latest onslaught on South Africans,” he said.

Objections and comments can be submitted by email, with “petrol station applications”, in the subject line to

For more information, call 021 204 9805.

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