An early Christmas for children of Kommetjie

Candry Mafuya sings to say thank you for her early Christmas party.

For the children who live in the Elizabeth Yolisa Home for Children in Masiphumelele, Christmas came early this year.

The children, all orphans, were taken out of their day-to-day surroundings to Soetwater Environmental Education Centre, Kommetjie, where they were treated to a party, food, given gifts and met with a group of people who make regular donations to their communal home.

The visitors came from many European countries and spent
the day interacting with the children whose lives they are now invested in. The children beamed and danced and sang and the visitors could not contain their delight.

At the Elisabeth Yolisa Home for Children, Elizabeth Mbi, Virginy Hendricks and Vivian Gope care for the children who,
for a variety of reasons, are de-
pendent on the kindness of
others. Kindness abounded on Monday, November 6, when the idea for the party became a

Elisabeth Syre is the woman who drew together all the role players to create the party. “It is wonderful, I have people here from all faiths and all working together to make this day happen, for the children. There are Jews and Catholics and people from all across Europe who have this children’s home, these children, in common. We are here today, working towards our future,” she said.

Special thanks was given by Ms Syre to each person who had contributed in any way, including to Nathan Erasmus of Woolies from Long Beach Mall for the donations of gifts and gift boxes
from Woolies staff and management, which arrived beautifully packed for every child to take home.