Annual beach lowering begins at Fish Hoek

The City’s beach-lowering project started at Fish Hoek Beach on Wednesday September 6.

Don’t be surprised to see a bulldozer at work on city beaches, including Fish Hoek, in the coming weeks as part of the municipality’s efforts to keep sand in check.

The annual beach-lowering project, which started in Fish Hoek on Wednesday September 6, prevents sand build-up from swamping surrounding infrastructure, says the City.

Similar work will be done at Muizenberg and Gordon’s Bay.

The work should be done by the end of November and well ahead of the festive season, according to mayoral committee member for spatial planning and environment Eddie Andrews.

“The primary objective of the annual beach-lowering programme is to undertake this work to manage and minimise wind-blown sand problems on highly developed beaches,” he said.

“Lowering beach levels annually allows for greater areas of the beach to remain wet during high tides, reducing the potential for wind-blown sand to inundate adjacent roads and infrastructure.”

Manual and mechanical measures would be used to lower the sand levels on the beaches, said Mr Andrews.

“The sand will be pushed from the back of the beach to the low water mark, where wave action will transport the sand back into the system.

“This strategic approach is crucial as wind-blown sand can smother adjacent infrastructure, including beach access points, walkways, parking areas, and other facilities.“

Ward councillor Aimee Kuhl said the project would help with beach maintenance and ensure that play equipment, for example, wasn’t covered by sand.

The work will take place on the section of Fish Hoek Beach extending from Jager’s Walk in front of the Galley restaurant to the stormwater outlet in front of the main parking area. At Muizenberg Beach, the work will cover the area from Surfer’s Corner to the Zandvlei River mouth.

Beach access will not be restricted, but beachgoers are advised to maintain a safe distance from the machinery on the beach.