Answers needed

Andy Dawes, Clovelly

In a recent letter Lutz van Dijk calls on the City to publish the Masiphumelele Spatial Development Framework (SDF) by January 31.

In her reply, ward councillor, Felicity Purchase fails to address that critical point (among others).

Dr Van Dijk also draws attention to evidence gathered by consultants of a lack of trust between Masiphumelele stakeholders and the City. This is hardly surprising.

The SDF remains under wraps despite repeated assurances over the years. A recent example is provided in the Cape Argus on September 28 last year, which quotes councillor Brett Heron as stating: “We are nearly ready to share the SDF with the leadership and residents of Masiphumelele and the surrounding communities. Invitations will be sent to leadership structures from Masiphumelele and the surrounding communities within the next few days, informing them of our intention to host meetings by the second week of October 2018, if all goes as planned.

“The first engagement will be with the Masiphumelele leadership. Thereafter, engagements with the leadership structures within the broader community will follow.”

We all know this is a complicated process and that the City has many challenges. But the people of this valley, and Masi in particular, don’t need any more excuses. The City has had more than enough time to deliver.

I appeal to you in all sincerity to provide a date for the release of the Masiphumelele SDF. If you are unable to do so, then please just state that you cannot say when the document will be made public.