Architectural nightmare

Lynne Blaikie, Simon’s Town

On reading Leigh’s letter (“Revamp Fish Hoek”, Echo, April 13), I have to agree that Fish Hoek’s Main Road is an architectural nightmare, but my solution would be a bit different.

My plan to improve the appearance of the street would be to plant fairly tall growing trees down both sides of the main road on the pavements. The trees would eventually screen the mess of ugly buildings. This should not be too expensive and would lend a much more charming appearance to Fish Hoek and some shade in the summer too.

However, I am not an authority on trees so an expert would have to be consulted on what type of tree would flourish in these very windy and increasingly dry conditions. Obviously the trees would have to be watered until established but if relatively large trees could be planted Fish Hoek’s face lift could be achieved in a shorter time span.