Athletics club members run for fun

Father and daughter team, Tommy and Mikaela Ball.

There was no time for lockdown blues over the Easter weekend as members of the Fish Hoek Athletics Club (FHAC) tackled the Two Oceans Ultramarathon with a twist.

The race on Saturday April 11 was a club initiative to replace the Two Oceans race after it was cancelled because of Covid-19.

Ten teams had to complete 58km, with each of their 15 members running as much as they could in a 30-minute stretch from 6am to 1.30pm, the seven and a half hour cut off for the Two Oceans. And they had to do it in the confines of their home or work space.

Club chairman Andy Campbell said competition was stiff as several families took part, running on routes that offered little space.

Rumour has it, he said, that one team member “unintentionally” bumped their partner into the pool at 6.30am while trying to get ahead.

Fortunately, he said, there were no serious injuries apart from the egos of a few husbands who lost to their wives.

Family members and neighbours supported the runners by cheering them on and providing much needed refreshments such as water, energy drinks, jelly sweets and beer.

Team 7 won by exceeding the 58km by 17.7km and completing a total of 75.7km in seven and a half hours.

What made the race even more amazing, Mr Campbell said, was that two of Team 7’s members ran offshore as they work on ships.

“We are proud of our club and all who participated,” said Mr Campbell.