Baboon-proof bins

Table Mountain National Park (TMNP), with the SANParks Honorary Rangers, have been installing baboon-proof bins at Silvermine now that the Tokai baboon troop are in the area. The troop began looking for food around the Silvermine dam area after the extensive fires in March last year. Before the baboons came over to Silvermine, TMNP issued dog walkers with dog poo bags for them to clean up after their dogs. The baboon-proof bins will prevent baboons from raiding the bins with the dog poo bags. Visitors are advised to use these bins for dog poo only and to take their litter with them. Pictured with a canine user of the park is master tracker and environmental management inspector James “JJ” Minye. For more information relating to Silvermine, contact senior section ranger Jaclyn Smith on or 021 789 2457.