Be extra vigilant during loadshedding

A suspected burglar was caught carrying a large flat-screen TV on Ou Kaapseweg.

According to Fidelity ADT spokesman Jade Hanning an armed-response officer found the man walking along the road on Monday January 27 and alerted Fish Hoek police who arrested him.
He was charged with possession of stolen property.
Fish Hoek police spokesman, Warrant Officer Peter Middelton, said the suspect appeared in the Simon’s Town Magistrates Court and the case is ongoing.
Fish Hoek station commander, Lieutenant Colonel Jackie Johnson, urged the public to photograph valuable items and include the make, model and serial numbers to help with identification should they be stolen.
Micro-dotting valuables could also help detectives looking for the owners of stolen items.
*Load shedding is making it harder to detect criminals and the public should be extra vigilant when the lights go out, especially when its windy, says Fish Hoek Community Police Forum chairman, Andre Blom.
Those with surveillance cameras should make sure they were working and that the lenses were cleaned regularly, he said. And valuables shouldn’t be left in vehicles, even those parked in a garage or behind a gate.    
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