Beach attacks

Robson Bill, Noordhoek

The continuing attacks by criminals on people innocently enjoying a refreshing stroll on Noordhoek/Kommetjie beach are shocking.

Access to the sea and beach is an essential means of relaxation to many who live with the stresses of urban life. And to be able to share this glorious amenity with one’s children or pets must be an important reason why so many come to live here.
Who could afford to selfishly own such a vast and beautiful space? So it is shared with everyone, residents and visitors alike, enriching our lives — a place in which to refresh our souls.

But, sadly, apart from the criminals, there are others who now threaten to spoil our enjoyment of the beach, who seek to extort money from people who rightly consider it a public open space, to be shared, free, by all — SANParks.

They have stolen our lovely beach from us, and want to make us pay to go there.
The only difference between them and the criminals is that they are, so far, non-violent.

We must resist this iniquitous infringement of our rights, or soon they will want to extort money from anyone walking on the beach, whether accompanied by pets or not!