Beach clean-up

Claudine van Zyl, Aaniyah Omardien and Lisa Beasley of The Beach Co-Op at their table at the LogJam event on Saturday June 2. PICTURES: KAREN KOTZE

It took 24 volunteers 20 minutes to pluck 2 500 stompies from Muizenberg Beach on Saturday. The volunteers lent their hands to the beach clean-up by The Beach Co-Op during the LogJam Beach Festival in Muizenberg. The Beach Co-Op’s Aaniyah Omardien said they had cleaned 600m of beach. She said that when they had cleaned Muizenberg Beach a month ago, with fellow non-profts Waste Less Africa and Faithful-To-Nature, they had realised how many cigarette butts there were on the beach. So this past Saturday they had asked the Waves for Change crew to help collect butts only and in 20 minutes they had about 2 500. Apart from the stompies, sweets wrappers had also been another big litter bugbear, with the volunteers picking up 218. “We need to stop purchasing individually wrapped sweets,” said Ms Omardien.