Beach clean-up

Children from Freedom Park helped clean-up the beach. In the foreground are 1 141 plastic bottle tops collected by the children.

Children from Freedom Park in Ottery enjoyed an outing to Sonwabi Beach, Strandfontein, on Saturday, organised by Cicely Blumberg of Adopt A Pet and Marilyn Hoole of The Emma Animal Rescue Society (TEARS).

Ms Hoole rescues many kelp gulls that get tangled in fishing line along this coastline and she thought the children would benefit from visiting the beach to do a clean-up and learn about the shoreline environment.

Ms Hoole offered to pay R1 for each plastic bottle top the children collected. The children covered 2km of the beach and collected 12 black bags of rubbish and 1141 plastic bottle tops.

After the clean-up, the children were treated to a lunch sponsored by Adopt A Pet. For more information about Adopt A Pet’s programmes, call Ms Blumberg at 021 4654560.