Brass Bell battered by stormy seas

Waves smash against the walls of the Brass Bell restaurant in Kalk Bay.

The Brass Bell in Kalk Bay was among the establishments battered by stormy seas caused by the weekend’s spring tides.

Manager Chand’ni Eddi said the first big wave hit then just before 4pm, with subsequent waves smashing several windows at the establishment. There were no patrons inside at the time.

Stormy seas batter the Brass Bell restaurant.

“It just took everything down. It was quite chaotic,“ she said, adding that while they were accustomed to high tides, they had not experienced waves as destructive in about 10 years.

“All the windows at the bottom along the front were lost, and part of the roof was damage by the wave,” said Ms Eddi. “We got pretty lucky I think, considering how big the waves were.”

National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) spokesperson Craig Lambinon told media that a combination of a spring tide, cold front, gale force winds and rough sea conditions had caused the severe storm conditions over the weekend.

Windows at the Brass Bell restaurant were smashed by big waves caused by a spring tide.