Bugged by begging

Marian Williams, Noordhoek

I agree with some of Isla James’ letter (“Work instead of beg”, Echo letters, April 27), but hold back on washing windscreen is at traffic lights.

This used to happen but sometimes the lights change and the driver has to move forward.

This can cause friction as the cleaner feels he has been short changed but the driver of the car may have other cars behind him who do not choose to have to wait while the job is finished. No
one wins. I have also seen drivers being harassed by would-be windscreen washers who insist on washing and demanding payment, despite being told no by the driver.

I also do not go with the suggestion of selling food stuffs at traffic lights. Again, it could be dangerous having people flocking at traffic lights, also a bit of a hassle if the buyer needs change, if it is not given in the time that the lights are red, someone loses, the driver with his change, the seller could lose his goods.

I have no solution for the begging, I have no intention of giving out money to beggars, I choose who I pay on the shopping mall car park according to how much help they give me, if I ask for help.

It is a sad place to see grown men and women having to demean themselves by begging, we need a good government with suggestions and results for the problem.