Call for blood donors

The Western Cape Blood Service says O blood stocks are low and it is appealing to the public to donate.

The Western Cape Blood Service (WCBS) is appealing to all eligible donors to donate blood as O blood stocks are critically low.

“Currently, we only have a two-day blood supply in O+ and a three-day supply in the O- blood group,” said WCBS spokesperson Marike Gevers. “We are also facing a national O blood stock crisis due to the continuing impacts of the floods in KwaZulu-Natal.”

The floods in KwaZulu-Natal have reduced the availability of blood in the province due to damaged blood-donation venues, blood service staff battling to get to work and trauma cases stretching stocks.

KwaZulu-Natal is supplied by the South African National Blood Service (SANBS), but in times of crisis, every blood service, including WCBS, is committed to maintaining sufficient national blood stocks.

If you are between the ages of 16 and 75, weigh 50kg or more, are in good general health, and lead a safe sexual lifestyle, you should be able to donate.

To find your closest blood donation clinic in the Western Cape, download the WCBS app on Android and iOS, send a WhatsApp on 060 549 7244 or visit for more information.