Call to submit objections

Donald Moore,
Fish Hoek

It seems likely that the application by Shoprite Checkers for a bottle store licence in Triangle Court at the corner of First and Dunster avenues will be advertised in a local newspaper this week.

It has already been advertised on a window at the shop and in the Government Gazette.

The period for objections from the public closes 28 days from the date it is advertised in the local newspaper, so it is important that all who wish to object should submit their objections as soon as possible.

Objections may be submitted by e-mail to the Liquor Authority at, the Shoprite Checkers representative at and the Fish Hoek Liquor Officer at

An objector must include in the objection the application number, 2019/589, the situation of the premises, Triangle Court, Corner First and Dunster avenues, Fish Hoek, his or her full names, identity number and residential address.

An objection may be very brief or very long but should include as much detail and evidence as possible.

If you consider that the opening of the Pick * Pay bottle store has adversely affected the shopping centre where it is, or Fish Hoek, in any way then full details supported by details and/or photographs of any specific incident would constitute good evidence in support of your objection.

Details of the negative impact of bottle stores in any area would also be good evidence in support of an objection. I can provide guidance and a template for formulating an objection to anyone who contacts me by e-mail at