Car collides with train at Lakeside crossing

A train and car collided at the Uxbridge crossing in Lakeside, on Sunday July 30, at 6.58am.

Emergency services and SAPS responded to the incident.

“Metrorail terminated trains at Retreat between the time of the incident and 9.30am when both lines were reopened to traffic,” said Metrorail spokesperson Riana Scott.

She said the incident would be investigated internally by Metrorail in conjunction with the police report of the incident.

“At this stage it is premature to speculate on the outcome,” she said. “We appeal to motorists, pedestrians and cyclists to approach level crossings with caution.

More about level crossings

Safety at level crossings is predominantly governed by the principles contained in the South African Road Signs Manual – road signage and lights at level crossings are the primary indicators; barriers/booms are affixed as an additional precaution.

Train drivers are obligated to sound sirens on approach to level crossings.

Trains operate with their headlights on as an additional safety measure.

Trains legally have right of way at road/rail level crossing intersections.

Trains operate on fixed infrastructure and cannot take evasive action during emergencies.

A full train will take up to 500 meters to stop under emergency conditions.

Where level crossings are protected by lights and barriers, the lights will start flashing 30 seconds before an approaching train enters the level crossing intersection.