Car crashes through wall

The scene that a Sun Valley resident returned home to.

A freak accident had a BMW cabriolet unceremoniously delivered to the wrong house.

Mike Charles, of Sun Valley, said he returned home on Tuesday January 3 to find that a BMW had crashed through his Vibracrete wall.

“The BMW cabriolet was being transported on the towing company’s flat-bed truck to Noordhoek,” he explained.

“As they were coming down Ou Kaapseweg, just after the new housing development (Chapman’s Bay Estate) the tow cable came adrift and the BMW rolled off the back of the transporter. The front of the BMW was facing up Ou Kaapseweg, so it travelled backwards and crashed into my property. We were at the gym at the time of the accident and only arrived back half an hour after the incident.

The neighbourhood watch were on the scene quickly and secured the site until we got home,” he said.

Mr Charles said that the towing company had replaced his damaged wall and he was not going to lay any charges.

“There were a few other incidentals, like a damaged park bench and wire ornamental fence, which they have promised to pay me out for, on production of the till slips,” he said.

Mr Charles said the owner of the BMW lives in Constantia.

“His son and girlfriend were in the truck with the driver.

“The son is living in Austria and his girlfriend is from Switzerland and are on holiday in South Africa. The vehicle was being delivered to their holiday home in Noordhoek for their use while on holiday,” he said.

“As you can see from the photographs, the BMW suffered extensive damage to its rear end,” Mr Charles said.