Celebrating Mother’s Day in style

Seniors in Ocean View were treated to a special Mother’s Day brunch at the Cape Royale in Green Point, on Sunday May 8, as part of an event hosted by the Seniors’ Club. The club was founded by Mutheera Fortune and Shahiema Hollman and organises events for the elderly in the area. Ms Fortune said that after the brunch, the group returned along Chapman’s Peak Drive as entry was free for the day in aid of the pass’s centenary, which was celebrated on Friday, May 6. From left, are Ms Fortune, Mini Frans, Joyce Kesner, Melanie Bond, and Shahiema Hollman and, on the opposite side, Sienna Nel and Kaahiefa Smith.
Dressed up for Mother’s Day are Johanna Mazwi, Magriete Stuurman, Brenda Hendricks and Matilda Owies.