Changing the mindset

Mhle Dlamini,
Simon’s Town

To the stupid man who swore at me in Simon’s Town on Thursday morning March 14, telling me to “F- off” near his house while I parked on Main Road, you need to realise that not all black people are thieves.

Some of us are decent people just like in every race. It was very demeaning of you to go on the way you did.

For your information, I was waiting for my daughter who I dropped at Simon’s Town High School.

I parked safely on the side of the road, a public road, and while I was waiting a man came near my car on the front passenger side asking if he could help me.

I was obviously not looking for help and politely said no I am fine with a smile on my face.

He abruptly said, “But you are parked right in front of my house.”

I said, “Well, I am sorry that it is in front of your house, but I am on a public road here and not even blocking your driveway.”

The man said, “You must ‘F -off’ from here,” telling me that there are “too much break-ins” in the area. I was taken aback to realise that this man sees me as a possible thief. The fact that there’s “too much break ins” in his area does not mean that he must disrespect and judge every stranger seen in his area.

I am a decent woman who deserves to be treated with respect and not like trash. I am sorry if my skin colour poses a threat to you.

That I can’t help. But I bet you if I was your skin colour, your approach would have been different, and you wouldn’t have gone on the way you did with me. In fact, you owe me an apology.

My message to you is that, you need to repent and realise that people are different in every race, not the same. There are decent people out there.

Next time you’ll mess with the wrong people.