Chapman’s Peak Drive good to go

15 m³ of rock came down on Chapmans Peak and the road has been closed till further notice.

Chapman’s Peak Drive was reopened on Monday.

Provincial Department of Transport and Public Works spokesperson Byron la Hoe said the road had been closed for weeks to allow for essential repairs after approximately 15m3 of rock came down on the Noordhoek end, causing significant damage to two catch fences and the road surface.

“The catch fences have been replaced with fences able to withstand twice as much force, and the road was repaired. We thank motorists for their patience during the closure,” he said.

“Motorists can expect intermittent road closures on Chapman’s Peak Drive this winter whenever high-risk weather conditions make the road unsafe.

“Chappies is a very narrow, winding road built along the edge of very steep slopes that carry an ever-present and severe risk of rockfalls and mudslides.”

Regular updates are available via the Variable Message Sign (VMS) system, Twitter @ChapmansPeakSA, Facebook, www.chapmanspeak or by calling 021 791 8222.