City can only do so much to tackle Masi mess

Blue letter

Tony Fernandez, Capri Village

I would like to respond to the letter by Karen Andrew.

Before being critical of the municipality and its endeavours first check the facts. Our municipality has been employing the services of the local residents for years, and there are a number of teams that clean up the verges and pavements in Masi daily.

The waste trucks also do their rounds once per week (the same service that we receive) to clear out the wheelie bins. There are some rubble bins placed in and around Masi as well but mostly at the wetlands area, where they do not have wheelie bins, and these are cleaned out daily to prevent diseases.

We must also bear in mind that only so much can be done, and the residents should also assist. The litter motorists have to drive through does not come from passers-by: it is generated by the residents themselves, and although it is cleaned up regularly (by the above-mentioned teams), we can only do so much to improve their lot. Also, the south easter doesn’t help.

Our municipality and our councillors work tirelessly to keep on top of matters with a lot of effort from residents.