Communities cheer peace convoy

Organised by the Muizenberg Community Police Forum, the peace convoy was well received in Muizenberg and surrounding neighbourhoods.

Standing in solidarity against the looting and violence that have torn apart KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng, various organisations joined a peace convoy, on Monday, through Muizenberg, Vrygrond, Capricorn, Seawinds, Coniston Park and Marina da Gama. Muizenberg Community Police Forum organised the event and more than 40 taxis from Vrygrond led the way, supported by residents, community leaders, police, City Law Enforcement, traffic officers, neighbourhood watches, security companies and community organisations.

Children from Vrygrond celebrate the spirit of peace and solidarity.
The convoy snaking its way through Capricorn.
Supporters from Marina da Gama cheer as the convoy moves down Prince George Drive
Vrygrond residents come out to wave.
The convoy turning into Uitsig Peninsula, in Marina da Gama, the last area visited during the peace rally.