Consumers ripped off

Mandy Deventer, Lakeside

A few months ago, I accidentally came across a purchase order made out by a well-know chain of stores to a company that they had purchased various chocolates and sweets from.

So I have proof of how much this particular chain of shops pays for some of its “luxury goods” versus what it is charging the unsuspecting public. I have (as I am sure have many people) suspected for some time that on many food items particularly the ones termed luxury items (such as biscuits, sweets and chocolates) the consumers are being ripped off.

And it should make us mad, to the point where we simply refuse to pay those prices. If we all refused to buy certain products, the shops would have no option but to reduce their prices.

The reason they keep ripping us off is because we keep paying. For example, I saw that this particular shop pays R12 for the 105g Cadbury Bubbly slab. And what are consumers being charged? About R25.

I would be willing to bet a substantial amount of money that when it comes to the bags of chocolates (any of them) that we are also being ripped off.

Every day the consumers in this country are being ripped off and if we stand together and refuse to buy the overpriced items then the shops will have to reduce the prices.