Couple helps clean waterways

Emily Dibb and Stephen Price hauling out the slimy weed which is choking the Marina da Gama waterways.

Among the clamour of complaints and bad news, occasionally there are people who make you stop and breathe a sigh of gratitude.

After just watching Mike Ryders and Brad Adamo place the second rubbish trap net in the marina waterways, we noticed a canoe in the water.

In it were two people contentedly pulling out the slimy weed which congests the waterways.

Both residents of the Marina, they said they regularly row out and do this.

Emily Dibb, hands full of the sludgy weed, laughed.

“It beats watching television.” With Ms Dibb was Stephen Price.

Ms Dibb said they were spurred to action by watching the water birds in the area try in vain to reach the banks of the marina.

Their aim is to make a break in the sludge big enough for the birds to make it to the bank. Even though it slowly rejoins, the residents keep at their task. Nobody asked them to do it. They just felt compelled to make a difference.

“It used to be more manageable but it has become very bad, in this section especially,” Ms Dibb said.

They each have a bucket in front of them, and they haul the sludge out of the water, squeeze it out, and lop the damp weeds into their respective buckets.

They say once it has been properly rinsed and cleaned of all the salt, the weed can be used as compost; but warn it takes a very long time.

“This used to be a breeding ground for fish but many species suffer with this. We just want to do our bit to help the wildlife in the area,” she said.