Cries for safety

Pat Lawson, Fish Hoek

The letter “Pedestrian crossing unsafe” (Echo, July 4) refers.

For many years I was a member of the Chamber of Commerce, trying very hard, together with all the other members to improve Fish Hoek, but especially the Main Road. I have seen at least six near fatalities with people trying to cross the road between what we call the Green Parrot corner and the Shell garage crossing. 

Although we tried and pleaded for many years for a half way pedestrian crossing, the traffic department came down time after time but refused to consider a pedestrian crossing half way between two other crossings. 

Felicity (Purchase, mayoral committee member for transport) I must congratulate you for responding so eloquently to the letter in the Echo (“Pedestrian crossing unsafe”,  Echo letters, July 4). 

I know how very hard you tried to get that crossing into place. 

I also have a suspicion you paid for some of the work yourself. Yes, of course it would be better if there were extra lights etc.etc.

Please before you complain look carefully into how much time, energy and research has gone into any project. Yes, there are hundreds of things that could be done better. 

It is important to receive criticism; it keeps everyone on their toes. Sadly it always comes back to the same old problem – money. 

We all have the most wonderful ideas – the budget just will not allow them to happen.