Daily sand clearing to prevent accidents

Andre Badenhorst, Murdoch Valley

I concur 100% with the writer of letter “Heaps of sand get in our way”, Echo, March 1”.

It is surprising that there has not been a serious accident, with vehicles and cyclists suddenly swerving out at the last moment to avoid ploughing into the sand

Reading the answer to that letter by the mayoral committee member for area north, Suzette Little, I can now understand why nothing is being done to rectify a very dangerous situation on what is not only a scenic and tourist route, but also a very busy cycling route.

She, like the local road maintenance department in the deep south, has clearly not monitored this developing situation.

Had the clearing of sand from the pavements of wind-blown sand been done daily, as she claims, the current situation would not have evolved. Also, the reason that the sand might originate from the rail reserve does not negate the urgent need of maintenance on Main Road.

In fact, the (entire) Main Road from Simon’s Town towards the Cape Point gates is also in need of urgent maintenance – not only annually, before the Cape Town Cycle Tour, but on an ongoing basis.

There are areas where the road has not been tarred up to the kerbs and edges, thus creating another dangerous situation where cyclists often, and without indication, swerve out into the traffic lane to avoid the rough.

And while on the subject of one of the Cape’s busiest roads, the infrequent picking up of the debris that is found lying on both sides of the road is an eyesore at most times. Perhaps the maintenance team can take a look at how it is done along the beautiful drive from Gordon’s Bay to Rooi Els with baboon-proof bins installed at regular intervals.

So come on, local roads maintenance, do your job!