Dale committed to use sport to uplift community

Dale Hendricks is hoping to change the face of Ocean View, through activities at the recreation centre.

The City’s sport, recreation and amenities department in- troduced a new recreation policy earlier this month and already sport and recreational centres are offering daily fun-filled programmes for all ages.

Mr Hendricks is the play leader at Ocean View Recreation Centre, and is dedicated to making a positive difference in his community.

More than 80 staff members and millions of rands have been committed to providing recreation programmes which contribute to social cohesion and a healthy lifestyle among residents and communities, by the City of Cape Town’s sport, recreation and amenities department.

In Ocean View, play leader Mr Hendricks is responsible for the implementation of community programmes.

He cares deeply about his community and wants to change the lives of young and old through sport and recreation.

“The most exciting part of the day is when the last school bell has rung and enthusiastic children come to the centre.

“Recreation is an important tool that is used to promote youth development, community ownership, and the building of new relationships in communities.

“It also helps to prevent social issues such as crime and drug abuse. I have a passion for recreation and community work because I know what a positive impact it had on my life personally. I want to do the same for others and help to create a better community,” he said.

The City’s Sport and Recreation Programmes Policy, which was recently adopted by the City, ensures that programmes are offered in line with the needs and interests of the community.”The new policy means that there is more sustainability with regard to programmes.

“It will allow us to build better relationships and partnerships and will create fresh and fun initiatives for youth in communities,” said Mr Hendricks.

The City says that research indicates that sustained involvement in sport and recreation programmes can help to combat challenges in communities such as alcohol and drug abuse, crime and vandalism.

“Keeping residents active and engaged in their free time and providing a safe space for residents to socialise is critical for real community cohesion and development.

“We would like to encourage communities to work together with the City and spread the word to inspire others within the community to attend these programmes and to help maintain and sustain our recreation centres,” said the City’s mayoral committee member for commu- nity services and special pro- jects, Belinda Walker.

There are 55 established hubs throughout Cape Town, where over 12 000 residents of all ages participate in recreation programmes weekly.

Recreation hubs have plan-ned recreational activities for at least five days a week and at least three hours per day.

Each hub has a dedicated team of play leaders involved in the delivery of recreation programmes aimed at getting communities mentally and physically active.

The Ocean View Recreation Hub offers a range of activities on a daily basis for young and old. Monday to Friday is a healthy minds wellness programme from 9am.

Monday and Wednesday the programme ends at 11.30am, the other days it ends at 10am.

On Mondays and Wednesdays there is a homework and reading programme between 1.30pm and 4pm.

Friday in the same time slot is an after school programme.

On Tuesday and Thursday mornings between 10am and 1pm there are the seniors programmes.

There is also volleyball, badminton, men’s and women’s wellness programmes and two dart nights a week.

The recreation and sport development programmes focus on non-competitive fun rather than competitive sport so as to create and build social cohesion among youth.

The objectives of these programmes are to promote social development, youth empowerment, social cohesion and community upliftment.

Residents who would like to make a difference in their community by becoming a volunteer at the Ocean View Recreation Hub or who would like to find out more about programmes, can contact Dale Hendricks on 078 008 9331 or via email on Dale.hendricks@capetown.gov.za