Damage to be fixed

Cara Pearson, Kommetjie

This is to the nice gentleman who rear ended my white Ford Fiesta on Saturday September 3 at around 3pm at the four-way intersection in Sun Valley.

I realise I was quite hysterical because I had had an accident two days before and had also been hit-and-run at that same spot that you hit me two months ago, so I was completely overwhelmed by yet another incident.

You assured me that there was no damage to my car and I was too upset to look closely. When I saw there was no dent I let you drive off while I sat in my car and recovered but there is actually quite a bit of paint damage that really needs to be fixed.

If you see this please contact me. I wasn’t thinking straight at all and we should have exchanged contact numbers. I am hoping you are an Echo reader and will do the right thing. Contact me on 084 753 3084.