Simon’s Town SAPS applauded

Christina and Alan Mitchell, Seaforth.

We were left very impressed with the professional speed and efficiency of the response from Sergeant Bloem and Constable Kibi after our emergency call to SAPS Simon’s Town police station at 9.45pm on Monday September 24.

Two prowlers had fled over our front gate when they found we were watching them.

The SAPS Simon’s Town visible policing van was outside our gate within five minutes. They inspected the minor damage to our wooden window frame, and made sure we had entered updated contact details for the police station and their visible policing van in our mobile phones.

They assured us they would stay in the area and patrol in a random pattern around our neighbourhood. We heard later that the same patrol had arrested a man after midnight after seeing signs that an unauthorised entry had been made into a house a block away from us, occupied by a mother and daughter who were asleep when the police knocked on their front door.

Well done, SAPS Simon’s Town.