Dangerous walkway

George Martin, Silverglades

I am very sorry to read of the death of a cyclist, Ian McPherson, who was stabbed to death near Fish Hoek sports fields (“Cyclist stabbed to death,” Echo March 15).

It brings to the fore what I have been saying for years, that the walkway running through Silverglades to the sports field has become a dangerous area to walk and a perfect escape route.

I have tried for years to convince my various neighbours to close this with a steel fence in approximately three places. Each fence to have a lockable gate.

One key each to be held by the resident owner nearest to the gate to facilitate entry of municipal grass cutters.

Unfortunately, most neighbours have dogs and my suggestion would mean poop alley would be closed. So, my request did not receive a favourable response.

However, due to the current situation, I would say that now would be a good time to act. Safety first.