Dirty, dangerous play

Jacqui and Terry Bensted, Sevenoaks, Kent UK

Twice a year we come out from the UK for a few months visit to Kalk Bay. We always look forward to our morning swim at Dalebrook tidal pool, but have been very disappointed this year by the shocking state the pool is in.

We are afraid to swim there. The pool does not seem to have been cleaned since last year.

The walls are full of growth, slippery and extremely dangerous to walk on.

What has happened to the pristine pool which has been so enjoyed by all for so many years? Are the council no longer taking care of it?

* Mayoral committee member for area south, Eddie Andrews, said the

Dalebrook tidal pool had been cleaned on two occasions during December.

The last clean-up of the Dalebrook tidal pool occurred just before December 16 before the influx of tourists and holiday makers.

He said tidal pools are home to rich marine biodiversity and these tidal pools fall within a marine protected area and the City felt compelled to adjust the standard cleaning protocol in order to clean the tidal pools more sensitively.

Through collaboration with various interest groups and members of the public, it’s been possible to provide a facility that is safe for visitors to use while still enjoying the natural marine life.

He said the tops of the walls, stairs and access points of Dalebrook tidal pool were cleaned using scrapers to remove the algae and an environmentally friendly chemical was applied to remove any additional residue.

Through this cleaning process the City of Cape Town aims to provide a facility for the public which is safe and enjoyable to use while still maintaining the integrity of the environment in which it is found.

The City has a responsibility to ensure that our future generations are also able to witness and experience the natural marine life as well as the diversity of our users especially at this particular location.

The next clean-up at the Dalebrook tidal pool was scheduled for yesterday, January 17.