Wally Mathee, Glencairn

I refer to the letter by Michiel Strydom (“Heaps of sand get in our way”, Echo, March 1).

I do not agree with the response given by Suzette Little, but have to agree wholeheartedly with Mr Strydom.

On January 17 I reported this sand issue to the City of Cape Town, reference no: 1013102287.

The only thing that was done was that temporary road signs were displayed in the area.

It is claimed that roads are cleared daily. I cannot agree with this. I use this road on foot daily, including windless days. This sand has been on the Simon’s Town Main Road since before the festive season.

I have seen members of the fire department clearing the entrance to the fire station themselves. Not once have I noticed members of the roads department or of sand being removed.

The wind and sand issue is a great challenge to the transport department during the windy season. We have had spells of windless conditions and this sand on the road and pavement did not go anywhere.

I am sure something will get done now that the Cape Town Cycle Tour is coming up, but what about the rest of the year for the locals?