Disregard for the values of the village

Joan Moore, Fish Hoek

When Pick n Pay opened a family store in The Arcade in Fish Hoek a few years ago, it was regarded as bringing new life into the village. And it did. It was warmly welcomed and supported.

How very sad it is to find that now they are threatening to take away the traditional way of life from this same place.

Fish Hoek has always been a “dry” town. It is the only one in South Africa (apart from Pinelands). This should be an attracting feature – and it is for many people who have chosen to live here for that very reason. Why not? It makes it unique and special.

Pick n Pay claim that they want to fulfil their customers’ needs by enabling them to purchase their liquor conveniently in the village. Rubbish! What they really want is to increase their profits because – let’s be honest – sale of alcohol is where big money is made.

After the relief that was felt a few weeks ago by most residents of Fish Hoek when Pick n Pay’s application for a liquor licence was refused, there was a feeling of disappointment and total disbelief that the management of Pick * Pay had not got the message of 2017 – Fish Hoek does not want a bottle store in the village.

You were welcomed when you opened in The Arcade. You made a difference. Don’t ruin it now. Greed and disregard for the values and tradition of the village are taking away from the reputation of Pick n Pay in Fish Hoek.

I personally have boycotted it for more than a year since they first applied for a liquor licence. I call on other like-minded folk to do the same.

Shoprite and Spar will be pleased, and if you want to buy alcohol, there are plenty of places nearby. (That is the main reason why Pick n Pay is so desperate to get the judgment overturned!)

Residents of Fish Hoek, let your voice be heard. Tell them. Let the management know you do not want all the spin-offs that will result from liquor being sold in the village.

Shop elsewhere until they see what we really want. Preserve the unique status and way of life of our precious village, and keep Fish Hoek dry.