Do You

Anathi Makubalo, Simon’s Town

I am currently doing Grade 12 at Simon’s Town High School. I have a passion for writing and have been working on a few short pieces to motivate the young women in our country. It would be an honour if you could publish one of my pieces.

Below is Do You, the first piece I wrote:

Why hide your beauty when you can just show off and let people see the real you? Why bother letting society tell you what to do and what not to do?

Let me tell you something, it all isn’t worth it; waking up in the morning and wasting 30 minutes of your time just putting make-up on, having to spend a lot of money on surgery making your body perfect just so someone can go
around saying, “I wanna be like her when I grow up”.

Yes, you smile because you think you are some role model now. If only they knew all the pain and suffering you went through just to be like that.

You might even be left broke with all the money you spent on those doctors.

Now tell me this, is selling your house and destroying the legacy/ empire you have always wanted to have, worth all that you have today, the person you have became?

Embrace your beauty like nobody’s busi-