Dog suffering unacceptable

Valerie Owen, Sun Valley

As a Sun Valley resident, I am appalled to have seen the picture of the emaciated dog that was circulated and even more distressed that an animal in that condition was living within our community (“Speak out against animal abuse,” Echo April 25).

At the time the condition of this poor animal was circulated, the general response to concerned residents was that the family had consulted a vet and had decided to provide their dog “grace” to die naturally at home.

With respect, this is highly inconsistent with the information that has come to the fore.

Firstly, the animal was photographed by a concerned community member. This would suggest, from the onset, that the animal was visible from the street and alone.

Logic dictates that this clearly is not a comfortable environment for an animal in its end days.

It is evident that no one was home at the time. However, when a neighbour found that the poor animal had passed away, they covered it with a sheet. Where was the dog? In the same place as pictured initially, this time covered in a sheet.

The article provided some insight into the actions of The Emma Animal Rescue Service (TEARS) and the SPCA.

What is disturbing is the owner’s attitude towards these organisations.

I must send our heartfelt thanks to Ms Store, from TEARS, and the SPCA for looking into the matter.

This is a heartbreaking incident. Most pet owners realise that their fur babies are part of the family. However, they have an obligation to them to ensure that they do not suffer. This results in difficult decisions having to be made. However, I suggest that the animal’s best interests are put above the personal interests of their owners.

The suffering of another living being can never be acceptable.