Don’t ban poster ads

Karin Kratz, Fish Hoek

Just recently, on a Monday morning, my craft club here in Fish Hoek held a Christmas market and open day at the civic centre.

Every year we have put up posters at local shops to advertise our event. To my surprise, this year, two shops said their complex was under new management and they were not allowed to put up any posters. I would like to know what the reasoning is behind this decision.

These two shops were our main points of advertising since they are shops selling materials and craft articles. The people coming to those shops would have been interested in our event.

We wanted to encourage more people to come and join the club to learn new skills and crafts or share their talents.

It also gave some of our members an opportunity to sell their beautiful crafts. Our locals could come in, see what we do on a Monday morning, do some early Christmas shopping and enjoy lovely refreshments.

We, like many other organisations, are non-profit and cannot afford expensive advertising.

I hope the new owners of these complexes realise what a disservice they are doing to our community since we will not be the only ones affected by this decision.

If they feel the posters look untidy then just be very critical of the quality of the advert and the size to make sure it looks good when it is displayed in the window. Just don’t ban them completely.