Don’t block pavements

Margaret Matzener, Silverglades

Whereas one does appreciate and enjoy the pavements that property owners look after outside their homes, one has to bear in mind that the pavements are part of the road reserve and are there for the use of pedestrians. They do not form part of the homeowners’ property and are outside their boundaries, as stipulated on their title deeds.

I often come across people walking in the streets because the pavements have been turned into a garden, or otherwise obstructed by rocks, poles, boulders, cement balls or plants, so they have no other option.

I narrowly avoided colliding with a little boy on a bicycle recently who managed to swerve onto a lawned pavement. If there had been rocks on this pavement, he could have been severely injured.

I would urge residents to be more circumspect when beautifying the pavements outside their properties.